The word "handsel" in late Middle English language was a gift that was supposed to give luck and was given to mark a new year or enterprise. Handsel Monday was generally the first Monday in the New Year in which gifts were given. Auld Handsel Monday is traditionally celebrated the first Monday after the 12th of January, mostly in rural Scotland and Northern England.

Our family is mostly Irish, Scottish and English and in choosing a name we really wanted something that would reflect that heritage. It was only coincidence that our last name was "Hand", and we really liked the sentiment that the word Handsel represented - so Handsels it was.

We would like to welcome you to our store and hope that we can help you find that special gift you are looking for.

The store has many different gift lines - such as Willow Tree, Our Name is Mud, Britto glassware, Jim Shore - as well as a variety of souvenir items, mugs, and jewellery. Over the next bit of time we will try to provide information on as many items we carry on our Products Page.

We also would like to invite our out-of-town customers to contact us if there is anything we carry that you would like to purchase. We can ship most items to you and can at this time, take your credit card payments over the phone or email.

Pleae contact us at: 250-352-6224 or email us at: if there is anything we can help you with.